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Service Design & Innovation Research


4月25日にStanford UniversityでLarry Leifer, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, William Cockayne, Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering–Design, Stanfordらと「Design Your Future: Design Innovation for Global Teams」を実施しているTamara Carletonさんを囲んでService Design & Innovation Researchの研究会を開きました。


4/25 15:00-17:30@NUCB Marunouchi Research Session

15:00-16:00 Foresight Strategy & Innovation overview and latest trends by Tamara

16:00-16:30 QA

16:30-16:50 企業での取り組み

16:50-17:10 Design activities at companies by Yuriko Sawatani, NUCB Business School

17:10-17:30 Wrap up & next step


なお、この研究会はNUCB Center for Entrepreneurshipとサービス学会 Service Design and Innovation SIGとの共同開催です。

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